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Summer Shakespeare Wellington

Branding and Website Design

I currently sit as Deputy Chair of the Summer Shakespeare Wellington Trust Board.

In my time sitting on the board, we have rewritten our kaupapa, health and safety manuals, and code of conduct. I have also taken on a personal project of creating a digital archive of 40 years worth of production documents, including posters, programmes and photos.

When I first came to Summer Shakespeare Wellington, the branding was dated, and we had no high res versions of our logo, so I began working on a new branding story and guidelines for us to use.

I then designed a new website in this template for the organisation so that all these archives can be shared with the community for all to see. This was a huge project, working with photographs from over 40 years of shows, and ensuring they are all visible and cohesive. This also involved moving our old domains to the new layout.

Built with Wix.

See the full website here.

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