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Headshots with Aimée

What does a headshot session with me look like?

As a performer, I understand how uncomfortable it can be to have photos taken as yourself! I like to curate a very chilled atmosphere, with tea and music of your choice. We'll begin having a chat and a drink to start with, then talk through what you would like to get out of your headshots from the day. I love to have a natter and a laugh, so we'll typically chat about all sorts of things, and who you are! I give you peeks of pictures throughout the session so you can make sure you're loving your photos throughout.
I only use natural light, so it feels very cosy, intimate, and warm.
I will give you as many photos as possible, and encourage a few different looks in the session so you have something for every occasion and audition.

But wait, will you retouch my face?

Nahhhh. The only thing that may get retouched is anything temporary, like a pimple or a piece of lint! I love your skin's texture and celebrating everything that makes you special. I want you to have headshots that look like you!

Sounds awesome! How much is it? 

I charge $250 for a headshot session, which I do from my house in Aro Valley, Wellington.
This is paid through Hnry ahead of the session, which is secure, requires no sign-up, and is easy to use.  I am also happy to take your payment in installments, just mention this ahead of time.

I can't wait! How do I book?

Head to this link to get in touch.

Get in Touch

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